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I'm a passionate senior product designer, public speaker, content creator, and design mentor working for LinkedIn in San Francisco, CA. I love to design solutions to the problems that really matter. I'm super passionate about mentoring and empowering designers to advance their careers, elevate design & craft quality and push for the higher standards.

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As a designer, my work is driven by empathy, creativity, and curiosity. I strive to create designs that resonate and connect, always exploring new ideas and innovative solutions. My passion lies in blending form and function to leave a lasting impact through design that truly matters.. I like to approach things in two ways:

1️⃣ Is it working? 👉🏻 No, ok, let’s see how can we make it work.
2️⃣ It is working! 👉🏻 Whoop, whoop! How can we make it even better?

I'm continuously seeking growth and knowledge by embracing challenging opportunities, pursuing ambitious ideas, and possessing the determination to turn them into reality.

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